How it works

We’re bringing blockchain to the real world

Unbounded Scalability

Logos's innovative architecture unlocks a new level of capacity.


Chain Mesh

An efficient, post-blockchain data architecture built to accommodate the Internet of tomorrow.

The chain mesh consists of independent transaction chains for each account that form mesh-like structure through transfers. This allows for parallel processing of independent transactions, a large improvement over the serial blockchain.



Axios is a novel, delegated Proof-of-Stake consensus protocol that ensures optimal throughput while guaranteeing safety.

Specialized, elected validators come to agreement using algorithms with decades of theoretical support. Logos's economic incentive structure is carefully designed to ensure it is a Nash solution, meaning it is provably fair and validators are held accountable for their actions.



Logos's Polis sharding scheme adds a second dimension of parallelism to transaction validation.

The network's unique structure allows it to randomly divide the network into disjoint groups, each of which independently validates requests in parallel while maintaining security. This is a huge improvement over conventional networks that require a majority of validators to approve each transaction.

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White Paper

A technical overview of Logos's architecture and design choices. Intended for advanced audiences.


A 'plain English' introduction to technology underlying Logos. Intended for people who want to peek under the hood.